Duct Cleaning

The HVAC Team That Cares About Your Family

photo of little girl with inhalerDuct cleaning helps maintain the efficiency of your entire HVAC System.  It prevents constant dust re-circulation from becoming a problem and is visible on the appearance of registers and grills. It also includes cleaning other components of your heating and cooling system such as the heating and cooling coils, diffusers, fan motor and fan housing and condensate drain pans. Duct cleaning in Keller can be a huge relief to the health of you, your family and any guests who enter your home.photo of molecule, microbacteria

It is absolutely crucial that these components are installed correctly and maintained optimally by certified professionals like the HVAC technicians at Air Squad in order to prevent contamination of pollen, particles of dust or other debris. When there is a presence of moisture which goes unchecked, the result is increased microbiological growth – as in mold – and the spores released by that mold can cause allergic reactions within the people exposed to air filtered through the contaminated components.

If you’re looking for a new ductwork system in Keller, ductwork installations by Air Squad are affordable and top-notch quality. The level of efficiency an HVAC system achieves is dependent on how well the air is flowing throughout the ducts. Accordingly, ducts must be sized to match the needs of the building so that each room is delivered the right amount of air.

Uncertain if you need duct cleaning?  Below are a few reasons you should take into consideration when deciding to have your ducts cleaned:

  • Pet danderphoto of dust mite
  • Interior dust
  • Odors from ducts or the furnace
  • Furnace has been inactive for more that 2 years
  • Installation of new high efficiency heating & cooling system (to prevent dirt from blowing through new coils and instigating air quality issues)

High Caliber Ductwork by High Caliber Professionals

photo of little girl sneezingWhen it comes to your family and your home in Keller, duct cleaning can seem like an unnecessary extravagance. However, the lack of cleaned ductwork can quickly lead to a decline in both your interior air quality as well as the health of you and your family members. Air Squad technicians deliver high caliber workmanship for an affordable price to keep you family happy and safe in their home. Call us today! We can help.